Get Your Ex Back & Relationship Break up Coaching

Have you been through a traumatic break-up or divorce and you want to move on? Are you finding it hard to let go of your Ex and think you can’t live without them and want them back? 

I'm a Professional certified Corporate Coach but decided but my passion is helping people with their relationships.

My insights and inspiration can help you. My passion is to liberate people from whatever is holding them back in life and to assist them in achieving their goals. I will guide you to gain deeper clarity about your personal situation and offer support and confidentiality with what you want to achieve. 

What do you do?

If you "think" you want your ex back, I can help you become consciously aware if this is really what you truly want and will help you take the necessary steps to making this a reality.  However, have you ever wondered why some people continuously return to their partners even when it’s detrimental to their health and happiness? Toxic connections are usually stronger, thats why! So lets find out what exactly is going on!

Who can benefit from Break up or How to Get your Ex Back Coaching?

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • You are unsure if your ex had a positive or negative impact on your life but you are struggling to stop thinking about them
  • Your break-up has left you drained, anxious or tearful
  • You lack motivation and concentration
  • You can’t seem to stop thinking about your ex and monitor their media activity
  • You have become obsessive about them moving on and finding a new partner
  • You are under performing at work 
  • You are either over-eating and bingeing on junk food or have no appetite
  • You have no interest in socialising or anything outside your ex
  • You fear being alone in the future and are worried about meeting someone new

Sessions are offered face to face, phone or skype. It is recommended that you book an initial 30 minute session. I do not offer 15 minute sessions to first time clients.


Single Sessions;

£50 - 15 minutes 

£100 - 30 minutes

£200 - 1 hour


£480 - 3 x 1 hour 

£950  - 6 x 1 hour

£1450 - 12 x 1 hour

To avail from the discount, all package offers must be paid upfront.

*Packages are only offered to clients after an initial session.